Practical Information - Rømø

Find your way to Rømø and read about activities in the area.



The only road to Rømø runs along the 9km-long Rømø dyke, which starts 5km west of Skærbæk or just less than 20km south of Ribe along highway 11.

Public transport

Bus route 285 runs between Skærbæk on the mainland and Havneby on Rømø. Most busses on Rømø stop at Nørre Tvismark, Juvre, Lakolk, Kongsmark and Havneby, but note that some do not stop at Juvre or Lakolk. There are 5-7 departures on weekdays Mon-Fri and only 2-3 at the weekends.

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There is never a shortage of places to park along the about 10km-long beach between Lakolk and Sønderstrand. There are also car parks at the three plantations Tvismark, Kirkeby and Vråby, and at the viewing platform at Juvre Sand.

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