Biodiversity - the building block of life

Biodiversity is under pressure throughout the world. The majority of the species dying out are under threat because of human activities.

Throughout the entire globe, animal and plant species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate. This means we are losing important ecosystems, destroying food chains, and we are running the risk of losing that very plant which holds the key to the most important medicine of the future. The Danish Government is working to put a stop to the decline in nature's diversity throughout the world. This work starts right here in Denmark.

Every day plant and animal species are disappearing from the face of the globe. We do not know how many, but we do know that species are becoming extinct between 100 to 1,000-times faster than is natural. We also know that up to one-quarter of the mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and butterflies in the EU are endangered. In Denmark, more than 340 species have become extinct since 1850, so there are serious challenges even here.

What is biodiversity?

According to the Convention on Biodiversity, global life must be protected at three levels: genetic variation, species and ecosystems.

What is a threat to biodiversity?

Biodiversity in Denmark is under pressure. Threats include nutrient load, regulation of the free flow of water, intensive commercial operations as well as urban expansion and expansion of the infrastructure.

How do we measure biodiversity?

Using indicators, this page provides an overview of progress on meeting biodiversity targets in Denmark.

How do we preserve biodiversity?

There are a multitude of tools to help protect our wild fauna and flora and their habitats.