LIFE Holmegaards Mose

The raised bog Holmegaards Mose in the southern part of Zealand was protected by a Special Conservation Order in 2009. The detailed conditions include provision to ensure raise of the water level in order to restore and maintain a favourable conservation status of the area.

Today most of the area is covered with dense birch forest because of former draining and excavation of peat, except for a smaller part with active raised bog.

Holmegaards Mose is a Natura 2000 site and the project is supported financially by the EU LIFE programme. The budget is app. 900.000 Euro – 50% is financed by the EU LIFE programme and the rest is financed by The Danish Nature Agency.


The overall objective is to restore and maintain a favourable conservation status of Active Raised Bog 7110 and the orchid Liparis loeselii Fen Orchid. Secondly the objective is to restore a favourable conservation status for associated habitat types degraded raised bog 7140, calcareous fens 7210 and alkaline fens 7230.

Actions and results

The main actions of the project are activities to restore natural hydrology by blocking draining channels and to clear trees because of their draining effect and to ensure light for the growth of the sphagnum mosses. Furthermore to prevent the re-growth of birch the area will be maintained by grazing sheep.

Expected results

  • An up to date Nature management plan
  • Restoration of the hydrology of 250 ha of raised bog
  • Clearing of 90 ha
  • Potential enhancement of active raised bog from 66 ha to 135 ha
  • 5 km of fences prepared for grazing of 250 sheep on 80 ha
  • Ensure favourable conservation status of Fen Orchid Liparis loeselii