Flyvestation Værløse

In autumn 2013, the Ministry of the Environment took over the green parts of the previous Danish Air Force base, Flyvestation Værløse. The Ministry has initiated a two-year project (see the project description below) to find out how the area should be used in the future.

As the area was previously an airbase, there remain unique open areas along long stretches of asphalt and there are a number of distinctive buildings, primarily aircraft shelters and hangers. The central part of the area comprises open plains cut through by the three-kilometre-long and 50-metre-wide runway.

The large open areas and long stretches of asphalt offer new recreational possibilities which cannot be found elsewhere on areas owned by the Ministry of the Environment, nor in the Copenhagen area. Eleven shelters/hangers still remain from the time it was a military area and these can now be used for recreational purposes and to support outdoor activities. As in other Environment Ministry areas, there is free access 24-hours a day and no access for motorised vehicles.

The Ministry's vision is for the area to be an open recreational nature area in which the unique surroundings are used for a wide range of recreational activities. It is hoped that the buildings on the area can be rented out for activities such as club houses or storage of equipment for associations with activities on the area. The Ministry's vision builds on the cultural heritage of the area and it transforms the area into a recreational nature area which retains clear signs of its military past.

The Ministry of the Environment is also working to erect common buildings to support outdoor activities. These include toilet facilities and water utilities.