Anebjerg forest

Afforestation near Skanderborg

The Nature Agency - Søhøjlandet and Skanderborg Municipality are collaborating on establishing a new forest close to the town of Skanderborg.

The objective is to establish a large public forest and nature area, linked to a new urban suburb known as Anebjerg, north-east of Skanderborg.

In time the forest will be about 325 ha. and it will offer extensive recreational opportunities for Skanderborg Municipality. The forest will also protect the groundwater for the Fredensborgværket and the Gramværket waterworks, which together account for around 60% of the municipal water supply for Skanderborg. At the same time, run-off of nutrient salts into the lake, Skanderborg Sø, which is part of the Gudenå river system, will be reduced to comply with the Water Framework Directive.

In addition, the forest will add considerable landscape and natural value because the area is part of a larger green corridor linked to the Gudenå river system from Mossø lake via Alken Enge and Illerup Ådal to Skanderborg Sø, with the listed areas near Båstrup, and on via the Pilbrodalen valley, Stilling Sø lake and Solbjerg Sø lake to the new state-owned forest areas at Solbjerg.