Passing the Enclosure With Animals

The Danish Nature Agency have natural resorts with grazing animals all over the country. The animals graze in enclosures, which ensure that they stay in the resort and do not wander onto roads, cultivated fields, etc.

Grazing animals is one of the tools, which the Nature Agency use to target the management of wildlife development. Herbivores – especially large herbivores, such as cattle, horses, deer, and buffalos – play an important role in enhancing biodiversity by creating dynamics in nature, and thereby habitats for a great variety of animals and plants. Animal holders, farmers, and others who have a formal agreement with the Nature Agency own the animals.

To explore nature and experience Denmark’s large mammals can provide exciting and educational wildlife experiences. Legislation give the public access to frequent the enclosures at all hours.

Generally, the grazing animals are calm and have no interest in approaching humans. However, when animals graze in closed off areas, they have less freedom to move around. Dangerous situations may occur for people in the enclosures.

Minimize the risk of dangerous situations by following the 4 good advice below

In enclosures with grazing animals, it is allowed at all hours:

  • to pass anywhere on foot
  • to cycle on roads and trails, where it is possible to pass on an ordinary bicycle
  • to ride on horseback on roads more than 2.5 m wide
  • to bring a dog provided it is kept on a leash at all times
  • to bring baby prams and wheel the bicycles
  • to drive with handicap scooters, electric wheel chairs etc. on roads and trail

It is strictly forbidden to:

  • to feed the animals
  • to scare, chase, or in other ways mistreat the animals

Good advice for you when you move in enclosures with grazing animals

1: Keep a safe distance from the animals
This will ensure that the animals will not be frightened by your presence. Pay attention in particular to bulls, stallions, rams, and other male animals.

2: Avoid passing between grown animals and their offspring
Never pass through the animal herd. When the animals have offspring, their maternal instinct can make them act aggressively to protect their young.

3: Keep the dog on a short leash
The animals may be frightened of the dog and react aggressively. Therefore, pass in a big circle around the animals, keep the dog on a very short leash, keep the dog calm, and use another exit from the fence than the one closest to the animals – or simply do not bring the dog into the enclosure.

4: Move quietly in enclosures, avoid making gestures, loud noise, etc. – especially when passing by the animals
This will give a better experience of the animals and ensure that the animals will not suddenly run about and risk hurting you or other visitors.