Rules of the countryside

Apply for activities

If you would like to use one of the Nature Agency's properties for a specific activity you should apply for a permit.

You should apply for a permit if, in some way or other, your activity will affect other guests' enjoyment of the countryside, wildlife and plants or forestry.

Read more about applying for a permit (in Danish)

What may I take away?

As a rule you can take away anything you like from the forest, but there are special rules for private forests. There are also special rules for taking things from the beach and taking wildlife and plants.

What can I take away from the forest? (in Danish)

Where can I go?

Anyone can go where they like in the countryside, but we should always consider wildlife, plants and other people. Access to the countryside may sometimes be restricted, for example due to hunting. Remember, you use the countryside at your own risk.

Book a camp site

Many of the camp sites on the Nature Agency's property are reserved for organisations and groups, e.g. scouts and schools. These sites must be booked in advance.

The camp sites can be used in the daytime, but guests who have booked for a specific period or for an overnight stay have priority use of the site.

Read about how to book a camp site (in Danish)

Smaller groups can use the Nature Agency's primitive camp sites  or areas with  free camping.

Using the forest

You may walk in the Nature Agency's forests at any time of day or night. Access to forests may be restricted during the day due to hunting or forestry work.

Cars, motorbikes and mopeds are not allowed.

Remember to watch out for the red wooden posts put up by the Nature Agency and the other signs in the forest.

Nature zones and B forests

Visitors must take special care at some of the Nature Agency's properties.

The protected forests (B forests) have been designated to establish the best possible habitats for animals, plants and quiet forest visitors. Nature zones provide wildlife with areas away from human disturbance and noise.

Read more about B forests and nature zones (in Danish)

Please use the countryside

The Nature Agency has published a folder with the most important rules about what you can and cannot do in the countryside.

See the "Please use the countryside" folder (in Danish)