The Exmoor Ponies of Sydlangeland

Wild Horses

The wild horses are partly on the large area near Dovns Klint in southern Langeland and on a smaller area by Klise Nor.

The area at the lazy Klint is so large that it sometimes may be difficult to see the horses.

The Exmoor ponies in Sydlangeland are called "wild", since they are allowed to live without human interference. The herd of approximately 50 horses lives in a big enclosure of 100 hectares throughout the year. The horses live as a wild herd without direct contact to humans and are therefore behaving naturally with a hierarchy among themselves. There are only very few places you have the opportunity to experience horses as herd animals with a lead stallion steering the flock. The horses are out all year, and find their own food.

Horses and nature

An important part of Denmark 's nature is meadows, commons and moors. It is land that requires grazing; otherwise it will be covered by forests or cane in a few years. After the fields are grazed, the sunlight can reach the ground which means lots of different plants start growing here. These plants provide food for many different animals. Many of the country’s endangered plants and animals belong to these pasture-demanding habitats.
So far, the Forest and Nature Agency have used cattle or sheep for grazing, but at Sydlangeland we are now also experimenting with year-round grazing of Exmoor ponies.