Take a visit to the woodland garden. You can park at the car park near Hollænderhus, located on the outskirts of Vestre Stigtehave.

From here, start your trip to the woodland garden, you can just follow the grass paths that lead you through the different tree species. You are welcome to pick delicious blackberries or a bouquet of flowers, also look for life in the forest garden.

In the forest garden you mayfind around 50 different kinds of trees that grow in Danish forests. You may also find in the exotic part of the forest garden up to 50 special types of tree.

On a tour through the woodland garden, you can see how different they look and try to see if you can distinguish some of them. All sections are marked with the names of tree species.

Hollænderhus is at the edge of Vestre Stigtehave near Lohals. In the house there is an exhibition about forests at Nordlangeland, their history and the people who worked there.

The large stone, devil's rock is exhibited in the building. This stone is younger then the Bronze Age equipped with numerous bowl-shaped pits. To the right is the stone bowl with signs and footprints. The real stone decoration is no longer marked in white.


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Hou Skole
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