Egebjerg Hills

Egebjerg Hills were formed during the last Ice Age. There are several hills above 100 m above sea level.

The Lund Hill Farm is located in this area and is owned by the Forest and Nature Agency. These areas are being developed for commons. There are already several rare species such as orchids.

Apart from these areas the most developed commons in Fyn are the redness Pigs Gardens. An area which probably has never been under plow, but was grass for several hundred years. Vegetation is unusual with many rare plant species, because the area never used fertilizers.
An area of 41 hectares is being grazed and designated as a Natura 2000 area, while the Forest and Nature Agency owns 13 hectares. The remaining land is privately owned, including a central protected part. There is only public access to the National Forest and Nature Agency land. There are no outdoor facilities in this area.