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About the Danish Nature Agency

The Danish Nature Agency is an institution under the Danish Ministry of the Environment.

The Danish Nature Agency implements the Government's environment and nature policy for the following main areas:
• Securing clean water
• Protection, management and restoration of nature
• Overall planning of towns and landscapes
• Experiences in nature and communication about nature to the public
• Operation and administration of the forests and natural areas owned by the Ministry of the Environment
• Management of hunting and game
• Authority tasks in connection with private forestry
About 1,250 employees work for the Nature Agency, of whom 850 are employed by the local nature management units located around Denmark. The remaining 400 staff are located at the central head office in Copenhagen.

The Danish Nature Agency is an agency of the Environment and Food Ministry.

The Nature Agency manages the Environment and the Ministry's approximately 200,000 hectares of forests and natural areas, to create the greatest possible value for society in terms of good conditions for outdoor recreation, nature protection and efficient operation of the agency's forests and other natural areas.

The Nature Agency carries out practical tasks in hunting and game management and specific outdoor and nature projects - often in collaboration with other authorities, organizations and volunteers.

The Nature Agency has approximately 600 employees which about 85 is associated with the head office in Randbøl. The other employees are located at the agency's 19 local units in Denmark.

On July 1st 2016 The Nature Agency was divided into two agencies, The Nature Agency and The Danish Agency for Water and Nature Management.

Board of directors

The Nature Agency consists of 23 nature management units across Denmark with approximately 850 employees and a central Head Office in Copenhagen with approximately 400 employees. The management team consists of the Director-General and five Directors.

Board of directors