Sleeping outside in nature

The Danish Nature Agency welcomes you to spend the night in the nature areas owned by the Danish Government.

We can offer you four different ways to spend the night:

Sleep on the forest floor

You are allowed to sleep on the forest floor on a mat, in a sleeping bag, with a blanket or tarpaulin, a hammock or the like. Your tarpaulin must not work as a tent, and you are not allowed to damage trees or anything else.

Small campsites (Lille lejrplads)

Our small campsites are meant for single occupancy, families and small groups. You can max stay at the small campsites for 2 days, but you cannot book the site in advance. Likewise there is only allowed to be max. 8 tents on each small campsite. Some camp sites have fire sites, toilet and shelters  available free for use.

To find a small camp site go to: - Choose Lille lejrplads

Large camp sites (Stor lejrplads)

The large campsites are meant for organisations and larger groups such as scouts, schools and nurseries.  The large campsite, in contrast to the small campsites, can be booked. If you book you have priority, however you can of course use the large campsites if they are unoccupied.  Some campsites have fire sites, toilet and shelters you can use for free.

To find and book a large campsite go to: 

Free camping

In 201 woodlands, you can stay the night in accordance to a set of specific rules.

To find a woodland go to: - Choose Overnatning and Fri teltningsområde

Please remember…

Overnigth stay is free.

Vehicle access is only permitted if it is signposted or if you have received a special permit.

Bring your rubbish home.

You can collect dry braches and twigs on the forest floor to use for your fire on the fire site.

You can collect woodland plants, berries and fruit for your own consumption.

When you use the woodland as a toilet, please be at an acceptable distance from the campsite and leave no traces.

Useful Danish words

Informations of the camp sites are unfortunately only available in Danish, but here are a few useful Danish words:

Bålplads – campfire
Drikkevand – drinking water
Shelter – shelter
Tilladt - allowed/permitted
Telt – tent
Toilet – toilet

Rules concerning use of areas belonging to the Danish Nature Agency for "Fri teltning - Camping for the Quiet Forest Hiker":

Download pdf