Danish Natural Environmental Portal

The Danish Natural Environment Portal is the entrance to a series of common public-sector data about nature and the environmental area. Here, individuals and environment professionals can find updated information about Danish nature and the environment.

Common public-sector partnership

The Danish Natural Environment Portal is a common public-sector partnership between the Ministry of the Environment, Local Government Denmark and Danish Regions. The objective of the partnership is to support the work of the environmental authorities, ensure a uniform and up-to-date data basis in the environmental area, encourage digital procedures in the environmental area, as well as strengthen communication to the public.

Danish Area Information System (AIS)

The Danish Area Information System is part of the Danish Natural Environment Portal. The portal is a common public-sector database that collects data from the previous counties and national data sets, including region plan data from the former counties and the Greater Copenhagen Authority (HUR).


PlansystemDK is coordinated with the Danish Natural Environment Portal and contains plans pursuant to the Planning Act.