Nature projects

The nature projects run by the Nature Agency are to safeguard Danish nature and the environment and to secure a varied and robust plant and wildlife and to enhance outdoor recreation.

This will be achieved by:

  • Conserving and restoring natural areas in order to improve the habitats of wild animals and plants
  • Increasing forest and nature areas, primarily in areas close to towns and cities, to provide the public with more opportunities and outdoor recreation.

Nature projects are based on a political objective or vision, often launched by the Government. Project must always have good local support.

Throughout Denmark, the Nature Agency is helping complete projects aimed at taking care of the countryside and improving the public's options for outdoor activities.

Some projects entail restoring a nature area to improve the habitat for wild fauna and flora. Others involve planting new forests or establishing new nature areas. Yet others are to cut footpaths, build camp sites, or to establish recreational facilities.

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