Seven new nature guides are set to inspire English tourists to enjoying nature

Photo of European bison – from the digital nature guide for Almindingen in Bornholm.

Easter is the perfect time for spending days out in nature — regardless of what language you happen to speak. Through the publication of seven new English digital nature guides, the Danish Nature Agency now provides guidance in select national forests and nature resorts.

Where can I see a European Bison? What can you see in Gribskov? Which animals live at Møns Klint?

These are some of the many questions, to which English-speaking nature lovers may now find the answers in seven English nature guides. The translated nature guides form part of the Danish Nature Agency’s guide system, which may be read on your computer on the Agency’s home page or on your smart phone while on the go. The guides take you into nature and to the sights of several select national forests and nature resorts. Like any good guide book, the digital nature guides contain a map, descriptions and beautiful photos. However, the system being digital means that the information is always updated.

There are already six English nature guides. In other words, the newly added English and German guides double the number of nature guides available to English-speaking visitors.

Download the seven new English digital nature guides here:

In the heart of Bornholm, you find the oldest and most beautiful part of the extensive forest, which covers most of inner Bornholm. At Svinemosen, European bison play a part in forming areas of rare natural habitats. The bison may be experienced by car or on foot.
See the digital nature guide here

The expansive old forests are the home of megalithic tombs, lost villages and other traces of our forebears. The forests are also the home of Denmark’s greatest roe deer population — and a pair of breeding ospreys.

See the digital nature guide here

Gl. Lejre:
Explore Denmark’s past where the Vikings built their mighty halls. And experience the area of outstanding beauty surrounding the old village.
See the digital nature guide here

Himmelbjerget and Slåensø:
One of our county’s most beautiful views of forests and lakes. The area has an abundant bird life and offers a significant number of sights.
See the digital nature guide here

Jægersborg Hegn:
A mere half hour from Copenhagen, you may experience the natural beauty of Jægersborg Hegn. Plants, animals and the quiet visitor thrive here.
See the digital nature guide here

Møns Klint:
An area of world-class outstanding beauty. Virtually vertical and blinding white cliffs face the blue waters of the Baltic. Some of Denmark’s oldest beeches, the most extensive selection of wild orchids — and the peregrine falcon hunting at speeds of up to 400 km per hour.
See the digital nature guide here

Randbøl Hede and Frederikshåb Plantage:
One of Denmark’s largest inland moors featuring dunes and the mysterious Syvårssøer (Seven-Year Lakes), which arise and disappear in line with the varying levels of the water table.
See the digital nature guide here