Practical information - Rømø


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Toilet facilities

There are four public toilets in Danish Nature Agency areas on Rømø. These are on the drive down to Sønderstrand, at the car park in Kirkeby Plantage, and at the car park at Tvismark Plantage south of Vesterhavsvej.

We also erect temporary toilet facilities at Lakolk Strand from mid-April to the start of September.

Tønder Municipality offers public toilets with facilities for the disabled at the shopping centre in Lakolk.

Camping overnight

The Danish Nature Agency has no shelters or other possibilities for overnight camping on Rømø. Free tenting does not exist on Rømø either.


In addition to tables and benches under a large roof, there is a brick barbecue freely available for everyone in Tvismark Plantation.

Facilities for the disabled

In Tvismark Plantation there is a route accessible for the disabled. The forest roads in Kirkeby Plantation and Vråby Plantation are suitable for wheelchairs in normal weather conditions. However the hiking paths are generally not suitable for wheelchairs and people with walking difficulties. The sand on the beach can also make access difficult for wheelchairs.

Book an activity

Do you want to organise a cycle trip, orienteering event, dog training, running event, role-play event or similar? These can be booked in the plantations or along the beach. Some events require prior permission from the Danish Nature Agency.

Apply for activities

Show consideration

Many people use the countryside - and for vastly different reasons. Therefore, a series of rules for use of the countryside have been drawn up.

The rules have been made so that a trip to the countryside is pleasurable for as many people as possible.

Cycling: Bicycling is allowed on all paths and forest roads, but not on the forest floor or down slopes or on dykes. Please note that it is also forbidden to cycle on some paths - watch out for signs.

On horseback: You can ride on most of Rømø, but only on public roads, on the beach (but at least 100m from the edge of the water) and on signposted bridleways in Kirkeby Plantation and Vråby Plantation. The two plantations are also linked with a bridle path over the dune heath.

Dogs: In general dogs must be kept on a leash in the forests, on the heaths and on the beaches. From 1 October to 31 March dogs may run freely on the beach. All year-round, dogs can run free in Rømø’s three off-leash dog parks in Lakolk (west of the camp site), in Kirkeby Plantage plantation (at Hviddal Sø lake) and in Vråby Plantage plantation (at the car park on Langdalsvej).



The only road to Rømø runs along the 9km-long Rømø dyke, which starts 5km west of Skærbæk or just less than 20km south of Ribe along highway 11.


There is never a shortage of places to park along the about 10km-long beach between Lakolk and Sønderstrand. There are also car parks at the three plantations Tvismark, Kirkeby and Vråby, and at the viewing platform at Juvre Sand.

Public transport

Bus route 285 runs between Skærbæk on the mainland and Havneby on Rømø. Most busses on Rømø stop at Nørre Tvismark, Juvre, Lakolk, Kongsmark and Havneby, but note that some do not stop at Juvre or Lakolk. There are 5-7 departures on weekdays Mon-Fri and only 2-3 at the weekends.

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