Practical information - Northern Bornholm and Hammershus

Hiking trails

There are around 20 kilometers of marked hiking trails. The trails are marked with coloured circles on trees, stones and pictograms on poles. There are numerous other unmarked paths ready to be explored.

Wheelchairs and strollers

The terrain on Northern Bornholm is challenging. For those who have difficulties walkine, wheelchair users and parents pushing strollers or carts we recommend avoiding the footpaths. The gravel and asphalt roads are suitable for most users.


According to Danish law dogs must be on a leash at all times when being walked in nature.


Fishing from the coast is allowed with a Danish fishing permit. Fishing in Hammersøen requires a special license.


Swimming is recommended at the jetty at Sandvigen and among the skerries at the northern part of Hammerknuden. If you prefer sweetwater the lake Opalsøen is an option. Here you can jump from the high cliffs if you dare. No bathing allowed in Hammersøen.

Sleeping in nature

It is permitted to spend the night outside at the primitive tent area at Finnedalshuset and in the shelters at Opalsøen (pictured).


Lighting of fires is only permitted at the official fire places at Finnedalshytten and Opalsøen.

Climbing and rapelling

The Danish Nature Agency recommends five sites for climbing: Two at Lindesdal on the western face of Hammerknuden, two at Opalsøen. In Moseløkken quarry the local climbing community Bornholms Klatreklub have established permanent climbing routes. If more than five people are climbing together it is necessary to seek permisson at The Danish Nature Agency. Same rules apply for rapelling. 

Getting to Northern Bornholm

By car

Northern Bornholm is easily accesible by car. There are 10 parking lots in the area.

On bicycle

Two marked bike routes passes through Northern Bornholm. Route 10 from Rønne to Allinge is 24,8 kilometers and route 26 from Almindingen to Slotslyngen is 24,5 kilometers.

By bus

Bus routes to Northern Bornholm:

  • Bus no. 2 Rønne to Hammershus via Klemensker, Rø and Tejn.
  • Bus no. 10: Rønne to Hammershus via Hasle

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