Activities - Northern Bornholm and Hammershus


Northern Bornholm is full of footpaths. Some are marked with painted coloured circles and symbols on red signposts. On Hammerknuden we suggest either the 6 km hike around Hammerknuden or Stenhuggerstien (The Stonecutter's Path). Both paths are marked with painted circles and both hikes can start at either Hammerhavn, Opalsøen og Sandlinien at Sandvig. These two paths both have steep and rocky sections that can be hard to walk.

From Hammershus to Allinge you can follow Cirkelstien (The Circle Path). This path leads past the petroglyphs at Madsebakke and Hammersholm and is an easy walk.

Two other options is the marked path from Hammershus to Moseløkke and Ankermyr and the path around Slotslyngen. Both of these also have hard sections.


The footpaths in the area are great for challenging trail running while the gravel roads is suitable for recreational running. The hilly landscape is great for cardio training.


Cycling is allowed on paved roads and gravel roads as well as on manmade roads that are suitable for a normal bike. This excludes many of the rocky paths on Hammerknuden and in Slotslyngen. The rules for mountainbikes are the same as for normal bikes. 

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is allowed.


Swimming is recommended at the jetty at Sandvigen and among the skerries at the northern part of Hammerknuden. If you prefer sweetwater the lake Opalsøen is an option. Here you can jump from the high cliffs if you dare. No bathing allowed in Hammersøen.

Cableway at Opalsøen

Denmark's longest cableway from the top of the quarry at Opalsøen and into the lake. The cableway is 290 meters with a 50 meter drop. The activity is open during the summer.

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Bornholm is the only place in Denmark where rock climbing is possible. The Danish Nature Agency recommends five sites for climbing: Two at Lindesdal on the western face of Hammerknuden, two at Opalsøen. In Moseløkken quarry the local climbing community Bornholms Klatreklub have established permanent climbing routes. If more than five people are climbing together it is necessary to seek permisson at The Danish Nature Agency. Same rules apply for rapelling. 

Read more about rock climbing (in Danish)


You can fish from the coast (requires Danish fishing permit). In Hammersø fishing requires an additional license.

Buy Danish fishing permit (in Danish)

Purchase fishing license for Hammersø (English language can be chosen on site) (in Danish)

Boat trips from Hammerhavn

From Hammerhavn you can join guided boat trips in the summer - when weather permits. The tour takes you along the steep cliffs at Hammershus and the nesting cliffs.

Read more about the tours (in Danish)


Lighting of fires is only permitted at the official fire places at Finnedalshytten and Opalsøen.

Sleeping in nature

It is permitted to spend the night outside at the primitive tent area at Finnedalshuset and in the shelters at Opalsøen (pictured).

Hammershus visitors centre

The visitors centre is open to the public from 2018. Here you can learn about the history of Hammershus Castle and enjoy a meal with a beautiful panoramic view of the castle. Admission is free.

Quarry museum

 At Moseløkken quarry you can visit the only active quarry in Northern Bornholm as well as a museum that tells the story of the quarry industry. And you can try the stonecutting techniques for yourself!

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Walking with dogs

According to Danish law dogs must be on a leash at all times when being walked in nature.

Bird watching

Hammerknuden and Slotslyngen have Denmark's only two real nesting cliffs. These are home to razorbill and peregrine falcon as well as western jackdaw, rock dove and several species of seagull. These locations are best experienced from the sea. In spring Hammerknuden is a great place to watch migrating birds as many species use the northernmost part of Bornholm as a landmark.

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