Activities at Møns Klint

At Møns Klint you may explore the landscape and enjoy the amazing views, look for 70-million-year-old fossils, go on orchid safari, drive the single track, see the cliff from a horse’s back or catch sea trout.

Around the cliff - on foot or on wheels


Høje Møn offers a variety of outdoor opportunities - on foot, by bike, by horse, with a hamper or outdoors in a sleeping bag. You may both walk and cycle along Kridtstien between Camping Møns Klint and GeoCenter Møns Klint. The trail through Klinteskoven is a comfortable and traffic-free alternative to the road.

If you want to experience the unique nature on foot, you may choose from seven different marked hiking trails of varying lengths from 2.2 km to 9 km.

In five spots along the coast, steps connect the top of the cliff with the beach below. Two of these - Grårygtrappen and Maglevandstrappen - have 468 and 497 steps, respectively. On the beach between the steps, you may look for fossils from the Cretaceous sea, which is the basis of Møns Klint. Maglevandstrappen is the longest set of steps in Denmark.

Mountain-biking on Møns Klint

The hilly terrain of Klinteskoven makes it ideal for mountain-biking. Here, you will find both physical challenges and high-quality nature experiences.

There are two trails in the forest. The easy 5.4-km trail follows the forest roads with a detour to Aborrebjerg. The trail is aimed at beginners and practiced bicyclists. It is marked with small signs reading "Easy trail" as well as posts with blue spots.

Completing the difficult, approximately 5.75-km trail requires some practice. You drive on the forest floor in a very hilly terrain and, in several places, the trail is quite demanding. You may only enter and exit the trail where it crosses roads and wider paths. Here, you must be extra careful. The trail is marked with blue spots on the trees as well as with posts with small signs and blue arrows. The trail is one-way except for the southern stretch to and from GeoCenter Møns Klint.

Experience Høje Møn from horseback

Horseback-riding in the countryside at Møns Klint is a unique experience. The bridle paths in the hilly terrain lead through open countryside and forests with magnificent views of the sea. In several places you can rent Iceland ponies and join guided tours for both beginners and practised riders. If you bring your own horse, there are several “hay hotels” in the area where it can spend the night.

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Catch sea trout, needlefish and cod from the shore

Møns Klint offers some of Denmark's finest inshore fishing and is famous for especially sea trout. The fish migrate up from the Baltic Sea and run in the shallow, warm waters between the chalk and stone reefs. You may fish from the shore or by trolling - from a boat with a mounted rod. The boats may be launched in Klintholm Harbour. Needlefish, cod, flatfish and eel may also be caught at Møns Klint. Just remember your valid fishing license.

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Go orienteering in Klinteskoven

The Danish Orienteering Federation has established three routes with fixed posts in Klinteskoven.