Activities in Kalvebod Fælled

With its long, paved paths and roads, and its open landscape, Vestamager is an invitation for physical activity such as running, biking, horse-back riding, geocaching, orienteering, kite-flying, roller skating and hiking. Bicycles, roller skates and so on can be rented from the Friluftshuset experience centre; Icelandic horses and ponies can be hired at (in Danish). Remember to buy a horse-back riding pass from (in Danish)

It can be tempting to race along the good roads on your bicycle, but it is important to consider more vulnerable road users.

The Nature Centre

The Nature Centre is situated near the entrance closest to the metro station. The Danish Nature Agency disseminates knowledge about the location from this Centre and the Agency regularly hosts seasonal activities and small exhibitions - see The Nature Centre is also where the nature interpreters have their base and where the Friluftshuset experience centre is located. The experience centre is run by forest assistants as a work-experience and education programme for adults with learning disabilities and others with special needs.  You can rent bicycles, roller skates and equipment for nature exploration from Friluftshuset, and there is firewood for sale. You can also hire a handcart with picnic equipment for 25 people, flags, popcorn machines, suggestions for fun games and other things to do, for example for a children’s birthday party.
The City of Copenhagen and Tårnby Municipality run nature schools in the area. Tables and benches are available for picnics, and there are toilet facilities, handicap toilets as well as a water pump.

Hiking routes

There are three marked hiking routes of 3.5 km, 6 km and 8.8 km, respectively, in Vestamager. Find the routes in the Kalvebod Common Vestamager hiking tour leaflet, which can be downloaded from, but which is also available at Friluftshuset.

Health trails

A 1.4-km health trail has been laid out, with start and finish across from the carpark by Center Boulevard, where there is more information and where you can warm-up. By completing this trail regularly and by measuring your fitness rating, you can monitor the improvement in your physical fitness at your own pace.  Health trails have been laid out all over Denmark in collaboration with the municipalities, and they remind people that nature can be used as a green fitness centre.


Four bird hides are placed around the Klydesø lake reserve and two more can be found by Store Høj Sø lake, which is surrounded by reed bed. South of the Hejresøen lake is a bird tower from which there is a view of Kongelunden and Køge Bugt.

Natural playground

Himmelhøj playground is a stone’s throw away from the entrance nearest Vestamager metro station, and is split up into themes of the four elements: fire, air, water and earth.  The largest installation is the over 50-metre-long Arken, which is like a beached ship on the former seabed. Furthermore, there is Ildstedet (The Hearth), encircled by 25 fir trunks with roots, each weighing four tonnes, and Insektskoven (Insect Forest), which is ideal for hide-and-seek between 370 scorched, black oak trunks. Each location has camp-fire sites, where you can cook and tell stories around the open fire.


Eel, perch, roach and more can be caught in the lakes at Birkedam, Trekantsøen, Store Høj Søen, and Hejresøen, and in the canal in Pinseskoven forest. It is also possible to catch sea trout and garfish in Køge Bugt from Birkedamsvej and Dæmningsvej on the southern tip of Vestamager. 

Remember your fishing license.

Picnic areas and camp-fire sites

Hunger kicks in after a day in the countryside, so 12 camp-fire sites are available around Vestamager to cook a fish you have caught, or mushrooms and herbs you have gathered - remember firewood. You are also welcome to enjoy your packed lunch in the picnic areas by Store Høj Sø/Kanonvej and Kanalvej/Ugandavej. Or visit the small restaurant at the Nature Centre; see opening hours at www.traktø (in Danish).

Overnight accommodation

There are bookable shelters in Fasanskoven forest and Pinseskoven forest. These can be booked at, and in addition, you can camp at basic campsites at Birkedam lake, at Ottehøjsvejen in Pinseskoven forest as well as by Hejresøen lake.


You can go for a swim from the Formidlingsbroen bridge, which is located on the southern tip of Vestamager by Dæmningsvej.


The northern part of Vestamager is a golf course: the Royal Golf Center. You have to be a member to play, but everyone is welcome to use the area.