Activities in Dyrehaven

Jægersborg Dyrehave was opened to the public in 1756. With around 7.5 million annual guests, the park is the most visited natural area in Denmark. Dyrehaven stretches over more than ten square kilometres (1,100 hectares). The park is located just ten kilometres north of Copenhagen and is easy to reach by suburban train (S-train), the coastal railway (Kystbanen) or bus. Dyrehaven offers a wide range of activities; from the peaceful experiences in the countryside to fun at the Dyrehavsbakken amusement park.

The paved roads and paths in Dyrehaven provide easy access for everyone – also for the walking-impaired, wheelchair users and prams. The five famous hunting roads for parforce hunting, which have been accepted to the UNESCO list of candidates to become World Heritage sites, cut through Dyrehaven and meet at the Eremitageslot (Hermitage Palace).

With the many good roads and paths, Jægersborg Dyrehave offers many types of activities and, if everyone respects nature and each other, there is room for quiet forest hikers, children from daycare centres, families on picnics, joggers and other sports.

Nowhere else in the world is it possible to get so close to red deer, roe deer, fallow deer and sika deer as in Jægersborg Dyrehave, and the rut in particular has become a great attraction. It is important to remember that the deer are wild animals and must remain wild, so it is important that visitors to Dyrehaven do not feed the deer or in some other way try to get closer to them, as deer that start to become tame will be shot.


The Danish Nature Agency recommends five walking or bicycling tours to Mølleåen, Eremitagesletten, Fortunens Indelukke, Ulvedalene and von Langens Plantage. The five tours are described in hiking tour leaflet no. 22, available in the stands at the entrances to Dyrehaven. 

Visitors wishing to see what the landscape looks like without deer may prefer the tour inside Fortunens Indelukke as the deer are kept outside the fence around this area. This part of Dyrehaven is denser and less passable than the rest of the park because the deer do not keep down the brushwood here, although there are still good paths. 

Another recommended tour is to Ulvedalene in the southern part of Dyrehaven. This is a very different, more undulating landscape. It was created during the last glacial period and holds many ancient monuments. During the winter Djævlebakken is a popular place to go sledging.


If you have a fishing licence, you are free to fish in Stampedam, at Raadvad and Rødebro along Mølleåen; Dyrehaven’s northern border to Jægersborg Hegn. Fishing licences can be purchased online here:

Horse-back riding

You need a horse-back riding pass to go horse-back riding in Dyrehaven The pass can be purchased on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis at Horse-back riding is allowed in many places, but to protect the deer there are limitations during the summer period. Read more (in Danish) here: 

You can rent ponies and horses at Fortunens Ponycenter.

Winter sports

Holte Skiklub establishes ski-runs on the Eremitagesletten when there is enough snow. When there is enough snow, the runs are advertised at (in Danish) Djævlebakken in Ulvedalene is a great sledge run. Kildesøen lake is open for ice skaters when the ice is thick enough.


Kites flying in front of the Hermitage Palace is a beautiful sight and a very popular event during the autumn holidays in particular. Show consideration for nature and do not forget to collect string etc. when you leave.


You are welcome to bring a picnic basket and have a picnic in Dyrehaven, but you are not allowed to light a fire. The neighbouring forest, Jægersborg Hegn, has several camp-fire sites. The nearest ones are on either side of Mølleåen at Stampedam and at Strandmøllen campsite. It is also possible to stay overnight in a shelter which can be booked in advance at

Moreover, there is free camping for two days at Strandmøllen and north of Tørvehussletten; also in Jægersborg Hegn. There are no covered picnic shelters in Dyrehaven, but Peter Liep restaurant has a special area outside where you can buy drinks for your packed meal.


Dogs are very welcome in Dyrehaven, but must be kept on a leash because of the game. There is an off-leash dog park were dogs can run free between Strandvejen and Kystbanen railway in the northern part of the neighbouring forest, Jægersborg Hegn.

Toilet facilities

Toilets are located at near the carparks at FortunPorten, Hjortekærporten and Tvendehus as well as Eremitageslot and Materialepladsen across from Bakken. 

Annual recurring events

The Eremitage Run is held on the first Sunday in October. The Hubertus Hunt on the first Sunday in November is a very special event for Dyrehaven, and the spectators flock to see the spectacular sight of beautiful horses, eager ponies and horsemen in red jackets and white jodhpurs. It is particularly busy at Magasindammen, where at least one horseman usually falls into the water.

The opening of Bakken in late March and the closing in early September are marked by a kilometre-long cortege of motorcycles from Nørrebro in Copenhagen to Klampenborg.