Activities at Himmelbjerget and Slåensø

Lace up your running shoes, dig out your mountain bike or go on an outing you’re your children and a picnic hamper. The area has a network of marked walking trails and amazing views are revealed around each corner.

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You may swim in Borre Sø, Julsø and Slåensø, but there are no facilities.

Angling permitted

You may angle in Slåensø and parts of Borresø if you have an annual/angling license from Silkeborg Fiskeriforening (“Silkeborg Anglers’ Association”).

Read more on the website of Silkeborg Fiskeriforening (in Danish)

However, daily and weekly licences are also issued - see the website of Silkeborg Fiskeriforening for more information. Children under the age of 15 are permitted to angle without a licence in the waters of Silkeborg Fiskeriforening.

Hiking routes at Himmelbjerget

See the marked hiking routes on the map in the hiking folder (in Danish)

Many arrive by car at the car park (P1) and walk to Himmelbjerget Tower and the formidable views while others arrive at Hotel Julsø, where you find a twisted path which takes you the approximate 1.2 km to the top of Himmelbjerget some 130 metres higher up. The terrain west and north of Himmelbjerget is kept clear of trees, allowing unobstructed access to enjoy the views and surrounding areas.

Vandrere ved Himmelbjerget og Slåensø. Foto: Per Fløng

The entire area is full of marked trails at the numbered car parks. There are several relatively short routes, but if you need a challenge, you can easily combine routes. However, you should be aware that the landscape is hilly and may take some stamina. Remember water on hot summer days!

• Routes marked in yellow – circular trails of between 2.3 and 7.2 km

• Routes marked in red - Longer trails, where you may have to return via the same trail

P1-P12: Søruten (“The Lake Route”) is 8.0 km

P2-P4: Bøgedalsruten (“The Beech Valley Route”) is 1.8 km

P4-P8: Mergelbanestien (“The Marl Rail Track”) is 3.5 km

• The routes marked in orange are alternative trails, the length of which has not been measured

Bines Kol and Skriver Kol

An excellent alternative to the panoramic views from Himmelbjerget is to park at P3 and walk to Bines Kol and/or Skriver Kol. The terrain is hilly and the trail is not always passable (so the walk is unsuitable for people with mobility issues and wheelchair users), but you are amply rewarded for your efforts when you arrive at the view of Julsø.


This long hiking trail (marked in blue) passes both Slåensø and Himmelbjerget and leads from Silkeborg to Aarhus via Ry and Skanderborg. Walking the 64 km is quite the task, but you can find overnight accommodation and combine the hike with a boat trip on Gudenåen and on the lakes between Skanderborg and Ry, as well as on Skanderborg Sø.


The decommissioned railway line between Horsens and Silkeborg has gained a new clientele, namely hikers, cyclists and horseback riders who wish to experience the lake-filled highland, Søhøjlandet, of Central Jutland. Due to its past as a railway line, the trail is not hilly, but of course it is still a long journey. It may be divided, for example by using the primitive accommodations that have been set up at approximately 10-15-kilometre intervals.

Read more about the Horsens-Silkeborg Nature Trail (in Danish)

Every summer, a vintage train also covers five kilometres of the distance.

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Hiking at Slåensø

Everyone is permitted to walk along marked trails at Slåensø. Cycling is permitted pursuant to the rules of the Nature Conservation Act, which states that you are permitted to cycle on roads and paths that are suitable for the purpose. That being said, around Slåensø, you must be careful and act respectfully in relation to the many other guests. There are plenty of opportunities for mountain-biking elsewhere around Silkeborg, for example in Nordskoven, which has a specific cycling route - with different levels of difficulty.

In the past, there was a restaurant at Slåensø and in the Summer, it was a venue filled with life, happy days and parties with dancing. This also applied to the area of ​​Salten Overgård Forest near Høgdal. In the 1700s and 1800s, this was an open-air dance floor and there were no ends to the parties. In the winter, the place turned into a skating rink. However, in 1952, the summer restaurant at Slåensø was destroyed by fire and, since then, the foremost reasons for visiting Sønderskoven and Slåensø have been peace, quiet and hiking.

3-km route around Slåensø

Start at Svejbækvej (car parks 10, 11 or 12) and walk to the east end of the lake. Along the southern shore of the lake you will see the red hues of natural ochre. It originates from the springs that feed the lake. These springs have given the lake its name because, in Old Norse, "Slagna" means to spring. Northwest of the lake you may be lucky enough to spot grass snakes bask in the sum.

3.5-km route at Borresø

The journey begins at the car park (No 13) at Sønderskovvej, and as you walk towards Borre Sø you may be lucky enough to spot roe deer. You may also pop up to Kongestolen, which offers excellent views to the opposite side, the north side, of Borresø with the heather-covered hills of Sindbjerg and Stoubjerg. Kongestolen is made up of geological strata that are older than the ice age. At the foot of the hill there is a lignite mine and lignite is known to be 10-20 million years old.

2.5-km route at Åsen

If you are in good shape, this walk can be combined with the 3-km trail around Slåensø. Start at Svejbækvej (car parks 10, 11 or 12) and you will pass H. C. Andersens Høj and enjoy an excellent view from “Udsigten” (“the Lookout"), whose surroundings are kept clear of trees.

The hiking trail Silkeborg-Aarhus also traverses the area at Slåensø. Watch out for a little blue man on the signs. Another alternative involving some distance is the Silkeborg-Horsens hiking trail - or at least part of it.


Visit Høgdal

The 18th-century farm is a cultural-historical gem that can be visited by school classes, kindergartens, associations, companies and other good people.

Find out more at or call 86 82 19 11 or send an email to Obfuscated Email


There are plenty of opportunities for combining travelling by canoe, Gudenåen and views of Himmelbjerget. There are many places which offer canoe-rentals in Ry and Silkeborg. This also applies to Skyttehusets Camping.

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There is an excellent, newly-constructed play universe where kinds may romp within walking distance of P1 on the way to Himmelbjerget.

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