Practical information - Dybbøl Banke

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Access for the disabled

Most of the paths in the Dybbøl area are grass paths in hilly terrain. The paths are generally suitable for wheelchairs and prams. However, some of them are steep (more than 10%).

There is access to the Dybbøl Banke History Centre, Dybbøl Mill, Kongeskansen and Redoubt IV in the middle of the area along paved roads. Access is difficult for wheelchairs and prams inside the redoubts and in the open grassy areas.

Campfires and camping

There is a small primitive camping area with tables, benches and camp-fire site by Gendarmsti (the gendarm path) west of Redoubt I.


Dogs are welcome on Dybbøl Banke, but they must be on a leash because of the livestock and game in the area.

Toilet facilities

There are public toilet facilities at the large car park just opposite Dybbøl Mill.



Dybbøl is located south of the Sønderborg freeway - route 8 between Kliplev and Sønderborg.


Parking lots can be found at the Dybbøl Banke History Centre and by Dybbøl Mill, near Brohovedskansen as well as in Sundgade by the German redoubt 6.

Public transport

There are several train- and bus services to Sønderborg. There are approx 2km to Dybbøl from Sønderborg center. Citybus 1 stops at Dybbøl Banke History Centre.

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