Practical Information - Almindingen


Five country roads meet in Almindingen, which also has ample parking. In addition, three bicycle routes and three bus routes pass through the forest:

Download the mini-guide (in Danish)

Cycle routes through Almindingen: route 22 Robbedale, Almindingen-Aarsdale, route 25 Melsted-Almindingen-Aakirkeby and Route 26 Slotslyngen-Almindingen.

See the bike routes at Destination Bornholm (in Danish)

See bus schedules on (in Danish)

Walking trails

There are five walking trails in Almindingen. They are marked in yellow on posts, rocks and trees. All routes are shown on a map in the Nature Agency’s mini-guide. The trails are between three and just over six kilometres. The map is also suitable for organising your own trips.

Disabled access and strollers

The trails and routes shown in the mini-guide are not suitable for people who have difficulty walking nor for wheelchair users. It would also require some determination to wheel a pram all the way along the marked routes. However, wheelchair users and prams can get around easily on the forest roads, which are also shown in the mini-guide. Please note, however, that the western half of Almindingen is very hilly.

At Bastemose you find a wheelchair-friendly bird tower (in Danish)

At Hareløkkerne you find 2 shelters. One is a wheelchair accessible shelter, which you can enter in a wheelchair. Each shelter has room for approx. 6 adults. Toilet facilities are found by the bike path. There is no running water. See more under the heading sleeping in the open.

Shelters in Hareløkkerne (in Danish)


Cyclists enjoy good conditions in Almindingen. However, the terrain can be very hilly, especially in the western half of the forest.


You may ride your bike on man-made roads and paths that appear suitable for a regular bike. In addition, there are two marked trails, which start at Rytterknægten.

Read more about the mountain bike routes here (in Danish)

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is permitted in Almindingen. You may ride at walking pace, at a trot and at a tolt on tarmac roads, paved roads and gravel roads that are wider than 2.5 metres. You may also ride on the forest floor, including on hiking paths – however, not in areas with new plants and young trees. You are not permitted to ride on castles, burial mounds and other ancient monuments nor in the fields of the forest, behind fencing and the like. 


Dogs may only be walked in the woods and on their leash. At Hareløkkerne, there is a fenced dog play area where you may release your dog provided it is under your full control. 

With your dog in nature (in Danish)

Read more about the fenced dog play area (in Danish)


Angling is permitted in Åsedam lake if you have a valid fishing licence. Members of Bornholms Sportsfiskerforening who hold a valid fishing licence are also permitted to angle in Åremyr.

Angling in Bornholm (in Danish)

Open fire

Bonfires and other use of open fire is only permitted at the public bonfire sites. Bonfire sites are found at Klippely in Ekkodalen, Hareløkkerne nature playground, Åremyr, Jomfrubjerget, and at the shelters.

Sleeping outdoors

Almindingen offer ample opportunity to sleep outside. Either in one of the three shelters in the forest or at the primitive campsite at Bastemosehus. There is also a tent site at Åremyr, but it is reserved for groups who have booked the site with the Nature Agency.

The primitive accommodations are intended for individuals, families and small groups sleeping outdoors in nature. Neither campsites nor shelters have running water nor toilet facilities.

All outdoor accommodation may generally be used without prior arrangement; however, please be aware that those who have booked have the first right of use. However, only the campsite at Åremyr and the Rundemose shelter can be booked - see below. If you want to spend more than two nights, this must be agreed with the Nature Agency. Contact Naturstyrelsen Bornholm here:  Obfuscated Email



Campsite at Åremyr (only for booked groups!) 

Code of conduct in nature / booking


Shelter Lindesbjerg 

Hareløkkernes shelters 

At Hareløkkerne, there are 2 shelters. One is wheelchair accessible.