Activities in Almindingen

Walking trails

There are five walking trails in Almindingen. The trails are marked with yellow on posts, rocks and trees. All trails are shown on a map in the Nature Agency's mini-guide for Almindingen. The trails are approximately three to six kilometres long. They are unsuitable for prams and wheelchair users or those walking with difficulty. However, prams and wheelchair users may easily move around the forest on the forest roads, which are found in the miniguide. The map may also be used to plan your own routes. Please note that the western half of Almindingen is very hilly.

Download miniguide


Almindingen offers beautiful and challenging trails for runners of all levels. Overall, the terrain is very hilly in the western part of Almindingen and less hilly in the eastern part. If necessary, use the mini-guide to plan the run.

"Almindingsruten" is a running trail marked by stone posts in the forest. The 8-kilometre running trail takes you through hilly terrain and passes several attractions in the area - including Lilleborg, Rømersminde, the view from Loklippen and not least Bornholm's highest point at Rytterknægten and Kongemindet. For more information, please see the sights section. The trail starts and ends between Lilleborg and Græssøen.

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Three of the routes of the Danish network of cycling routes take you through the forest: Route 22 Robbedale, Almindingen-Aarsdale, route 25 Melsted-Almindingen-Aakirkeby and Route 26 Slotslyngen-Almindingen.

You may cycle on man-made paths and roads that appear suitable for a regular bike.

Destination Bornholm has a comprehensive cycling portal where you can find maps and route descriptions

Map and route descriptions (in Danish)



There is a marked route for mountain-biking starting from Rytterknægten. In addition, there is a down-hill route north of Stenkrogevej.

Outside the official mountain-bike trails, the code of conduct and provisions set out in the Nature Protection Act apply. This means that cycling may only take place on man-made roads and paths, which appear suitable for a regular bike. Also, you are not allowed to cycle on ancient monuments such as Gamleborg and Lilleborg nor on the paths on the slopes of Ekkodalen.

Read more about the mountain-bike routes (in Danish)

Download route maps with indication of levels of difficulty (in Danish)

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is permitted in Almindingen. You may ride at walking pace, at a trot and at a tolt on tarmac roads, paved roads and gravel roads that are wider than 2.5 metres. You may also ride on the forest floor, including on hiking paths – however, not in areas with new plants and young trees. You are not permitted to ride on castles, burial mounds and other ancient monuments nor in the fields of the forest, behind fencing and the like. Also, you are not permitted to ride where signposting indicate that horse riding is prohibited.

Winter activities

When there is enough snow, you may go tobogganing at Jomfrubjerget by Christianshøj.

For skiers, there is a cross-country skiing run starting at Hareløkkerne.

The run is maintained by Bornholms Skivenner (“Friendly Skiers of Bornholm”), who regularly describe the state of the run on their website: Bornholms Skivenner (in Danish)


To protect the game and other visitors to the forest, dogs must be kept on their leash. However, there is a fenced dog play area / dog enclosure at Hareløkkerne, opposite the racing track at Segenvej. Here, you may release your dog provided it is under your full control. The fenced dog play area is, thus, an opportunity to let the dog "shoot its bolt" before taking it into the forest on its leash.

See the fenced dog play area on Udinaturen (in Danish)


Angling in Åsedam is permitted if you have a valid fishing licence. Members of Bornholms Sportsfiskerforening holding a valid fishing licence are also permitted to angle in Åremyr.

Read more about angling in the lakes of Bornholm (in Danish)

Bird-watching towers

There are three bird-watching towers in Almindingen. At Bastemose, the area of the forest which is the richest in species, there is a wheelchair-accessible bird-watching tower. In addition, there are bird-watching towers at Svinemosen and Udkæret (access via private property from Gulbakkevej).


See the bird-watching towers on (in Danish):

The bird-watching tower at Bastemose 
The bird-watching tower at Svinemosen
The bird-watching tower at Udkæret 

Dansk Ornitologisk Forening Bornholm (Danish Ornithological Society Bornholm) has published a leaflet containing suggested cycling routes which lead past the bird-watching towers.

See the folder På cykel til Almindingens fugletårne (in Danish)



Bonfires and other use of open fire may only take place at the official bonfire places. There are bonfire places at Klippely in Ekkodalen, the nature playground at Hareløkkerne, Åremyr, Jomfrubjerget and at the camp sites. For camp sites, see below.

Sleeping outdoors

There are many opportunities of sleeping in primitive accommodations in Almindingen.

The primitive accommodations are intended for overnight stays in nature in a tent or outdoors for individuals and families as well as small groups. The camp sites consist of a marker and a bonfire place. You may also spend the night in a shelter, if one is available. Neither the camp sites nor the shelter areas have fresh water or toilet facilities. 

Please note that some of the sites may be reserved.

Read more about spending the night outdoors (in Danish)

Find accommodation on (in Danish)

The nature playground

At Hareløkkerne, there is a nature playground with both wooden installations and an adventure tour called Musestien, where the children learn and play by helping Mark-the-Mouse find his way home.

The natural playground is suitable for toddlers and older children. Toddlers can play in a "playpen area" lined with wood chips and featuring a mud kitchen. For the slightly older children, there is a balance course and the climbing frame, "Lindormen". There is also a music area, open lawns, swings, and two bonfire- and picnic areas: the bonfire-tipi and the bonfire-hut.

Behind the playground, you find Musestien, a path with nice, carved wooden figures, suitable for children aged 3 and over accompanied by an adult.  There is a story about Mark-the-Mouse associated with each of the figures along the path, which you may play on your smartphone by following these links (in Danish):

The Mouse Cave

The Mouse

The Nuts

The Cones

The Buzzard

The Snake

The Owl

The Cat

The Squirrel

The installations along the path may also be experienced and played with without the use of a smartphone and the story of Mark-the-Mouse.

See the nature playground on Udinaturen (in Danish)

Family picnic


The forest is full of nice places to go with children. Places, which inspire you to play and to go on adventures, and where opportunities to settle down with your picnic blanket and hamper are ample. For example: Rokkestenen, Lilleborg, the Arboretum and Åremyr, where a fishing net and a bucket can provide many hours of educational entertainment.

The racing tracks

Bornholms Brand Park hosts races during the summer months.

See more on the website of the racing track (in Danish)


You are permitted to swim in the lakes of the forest; however, be aware that many are home to leeches, including medicinal leeches.

Guided tours and events

There is a host of ways of experiencing Almindingen on guided walks, ranger-hosted events, trips with horse-drawn carriage and more. The best way to find information on these is through the publication “Denne Uges Bornholm” ("This Week's Bornholm") on Udinaturen or (in Danish).