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The Ministry of the Environment provides the Government with the best possible basis for environmental policy and management to protect and develop the environment and welfare on a scientifically solid and inter-disciplinary foundation to benefit people today and generations to come.


The Ministry of the Environment is a single entity that, with focus on competence, credibility and professional operation, finds cross-cutting solutions to the challenges of the future in an open and close interplay with the world at large.

The Nature Agency is part of the Ministry of the Environment, which is composed of a Minister's Department, four agencies and a board, all of which have a common mission and vision. The Agency covers all of Denmark with strong local representation to ensure that tasks are performed with focus on local needs and wishes.

The Nature Agency works for the wellbeing of nature and people.

Nature in Denmark is very varied, with forests, meadows, moorland, sand dunes, marine areas, watercourses, lakes, wetlands and shallow coastlands. Many natural areas are also valuable at international level. The Nature Agency ensures that nature is well cared for.

The Nature Agency also works for more extensive and richer nature with more wild fauna and flora. The Nature Agency manages state forests and natural areas through effective and diversified operation. The Nature Agency ensures sustainable exploitation of Denmark's natural resources and that sustainability is incorporated in the general framework conditions for forestry.

Seas, lakes, watercourses and the groundwater: there is water everywhere and it must be protected. The Nature Agency works for clean water in the countryside and in our taps.
Drinking water which can be pumped up directly and drunk without first being treated is a distinct feature of Denmark and it is safeguarded by the Nature Agency. The Nature Agency sets the framework for protection of the marine environment and bathing water quality.

We also provide information about where there is clean bathing water as well as the location of the most beautiful Danish coastlines.

The Nature Agency also sets the overall framework for urban planning as well as countryside planning. The Nature Agency also ensures protection of Danish nature and landscape with opportunities for growth and development in all Danish regions.

There are a multitude of nature experiences in Denmark. The Nature Agency maintains footpaths, shelters, mountain-bike trails, bridle paths, skiing trails and canoe landings for the public in all of the state-owned natural areas throughout Denmark.

The Nature Agency is keen to showcase nature and invite the public to experience nature so that current and future generations can enjoy the Danish countryside, nature and aquatic areas.